Nice to see you.
Let’s make something amazing!

No Agency is a cross-national, cross-agency network of internationally recognized creatives gathered around one goal: to create something exceptional (and enjoy every moment of it).

Imagine having an exclusive temporary “agency” built around your individual needs.

We realize that most clients and most exciting ideas don’t need a conventional agency team structure. What if the idea requires two killer-copywriters and a digital expert? Or 5 top art directors, an avant-garde set designer and a street art photographer? When we establish exactly what will serve your needs best, we will gather a team that no regular agency could ever match.

Featured work

Need a damn good reason to try something different? Here’s three:

Custom-made dream team, expertly curated for the specific individual value they add to the project.

Passion & Dedication: if we accept a brief, it’s only because we are crazy about it and certain we can create something outstanding.

Fair and transparent fee structure: You will pay the team for the creative product, not a huge, old-fashioned agency structure for their overheads and profits.

Freedom is our God

We believe in the freedom of cooperation and give zero fucks about the constraints of agency networks, or any national or corporate borders. We believe in our freedom to choose only projects we feel passionate about and your freedom to choose people who will be working for you.

Happiness is our religion

Happy creatives make better ideas. We are talking powerful ideas that move people, push brands to new levels and create stories that make a lasting impact.

We might be the most
awarded agency…
if we were an agency

No Agency creatives are top of their fields. Together, we probably weigh a ton in Lions and other metals, but that is nothing compared to our passion to create great, real stuff that makes a difference and inspires people. We do not, repeat, do not do fake, award show work (we leave that to regular agencies).

No bragging,
but we know our sh*t

Combined, we have probably worked for all the biggest global and hippest local brands. We will not put their logos here because that would screw up our nice, clean layout, so we will just name a few:


...look, this is getting boring. Most of the big names are under our belt and let’s just leave it at that.

How it all works

Contact us and tell us what you need.
Passion test: we decide if we are up for the challenge.
Hand-picking: we will select and present the team.
We agree on the team, fees and deadlines.
We get to work, keeping you completely informed.
We deliver the work. It can end here, or...
We produce prototypes, applications, spaceships or whatever is that we came up with for you.
We celebrate together! This is crucial.

No Agency is not for you if:

You are looking for a regular day-to-day agency on a monthly fee. > v

We are here for the occasional WOW, and you can keep your good ol’ agency while we’re at it, we don’t mind.

If you know exactly what will work, just need someone to execute it > v

We work with brands and companies willing to try something new and get excited in the process. Those who are willing to dare, to experiment and take chances. After all, we are doing this because we find the greatest joy in creation and innovation.

If you believe that people only understand the tried and tested, in-your-face messages. > v

We are convinced that people are fed up with advertising and are starved for authenticity. That they want to be excited, to experience something unique and be a part of stories that touch their hearts. So, we are on completely different positions here and, honestly, it wouldn’t work.

If you want to get the same, only cheaper. > v

First of all, you are definitely in for something completely different (and better, to be honest). And although our structure is flexible and overheads low, the creatives gathered in No Agency are top in their fields and their worth reflects the value they provide. You should try with some of the many freelance platforms out there.


Is this another outsource platform? > v

The level of expertise that No Agency creatives provides can’t be found on freelance platforms. We can certainly help you find the one specific genius that you might need for a very specific project. Like, an amazing calligrapher. Or an internationally published SF illustrator. You name it, we probably know just the right person, or if not, we will search high and low until we find just the one. Be it a whole team, working as your exclusive mini-agency on a project, or just an individual person that you need, what you get is an expert and personalized talent curation, based on decades of work in the creative industry and in-depth knowledge of the scene.

Do you participate in pitches? > v

No, as we believe they don’t really work, either for clients, or the agencies. We believe that the most successful projects are based on mutual trust, deep personal understanding and shared courage to make a bold decision and stay behind it. Also, because of our minimal-overhead policy, we do not engage in unpaid creative work, unless we decide to do it as a contribution to social causes and values we stand behind, such as freedom and equality.

Can we cooperate on day-to-day monthly-fee model, as with regular agencies? > v

No Agency is project-based exclusively. Otherwise, we would have to grow the entire agency structure and before you know it, we would become a regular agency and have to accept and deliver the work we don’t feel so crazy about in order to pay all the bills and salaries. Our financial independence and freedom are necessary so we can choose the projects we feel passionate about and wholeheartedly stand behind all the work we do.

Call NO for Innovation

Drop us a creative challenge, let’s see if it rings our bells and makes our hearts skip a beat.

Dry for a talent? Let us find you a juicy one!

Our scouting service feels more like a personalized matchmaking and rare-gem digging. We gather, know and work with exceptional creatives from all creative fields.

Go ahead, ask anything

There is a long list of things we have decided to say no to, including dreary office spaces, uninspiring work and Thank God it’s Friday mentality. On the other hand, there is an even longer list of things we absolutely love, and interesting people dropping us an e-mail tops it.