Cindy Gallop doesn’t give a damn what you think


Cindy Gallop doesn’t give a damn what you think

Not only is Cindy Gallop an advertising trailblazer, founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld, now set up to revolutionize sex through her latest venture MakeLoveNotPorn, she is also a true inspiration that accelerated the creation of No Agency with her brilliant advice to “GTFO” from the gloom of outdated agency world. It seems only natural no other interview is the first to be featured in No Magazine. Thanks a ton, Cindy, you rock!

 NO: What have you decided to say NO to?

CG: Giving a damn about what other people think.

NO: What is your biggest passion at the moment?

CG: No Building and scaling my social sextech startup, MakeLoveNotPorn, to be a billion-dollar venture that changes the world and ends #metoo by socializing sex to promote good sexual values and good sexual behavior.

NO: What does creative courage mean to you?

CG: Welcoming and working with the creativity of women, people of colour, disabled people, LGBTQ, older people, anyone who is ‘other’, because you know doing that will produce far more creative solutions and better outcomes than the homogeneity of only working with white men.

No: What is freedom to you?

CG: The freedom to live and work according to your values.

NO: Are there any new and innovative creative initiatives, female-founded startups, brands or agency formats that have caught your attention recently?

Yes – I talk about these each year in my closing keynote at the 3PercentConference:

(note: and it also features youwouldneverguesswho at around 11:30, just how fucking amazing is that?)

NO: When you look into the future of advertising, what do you see?

I see it finally reflecting the world as it really is – through the strategic, creative, production and media lens of women, people of color, older people, disabled people, LGBTQ – the agency of ‘others’.