Nice to see you.
We are

Let's make
something amazing

We are a cross-national, cross-agency network of internationally recognized creatives gathered around one goal: to create something exceptional (and enjoy every moment of it)

Freedom is our God

We believe in the freedom of cooperation and give zero fucks about the constraints of agency networks, or any national or corporate borders. We believe in our freedom to choose only projects we feel passionate about and your freedom to choose people who will be working for you.

Happiness is our religion

Happy creatives make better ideas. We are talking powerful ideas that move people, push brands to new levels and create stories that make a lasting impact.

Need a damn good reason to try something different? Here's three:

Custom-made dream team, expertly curated for the specific individual value they add to the project.

Passion & Dedication: If we accept a brief, it is only because we are crazy about it and certain we can create something outstanding.

Fair and transparent fee structure: You will pay the team for the creative product, not a huge, old-fashioned agency structure for their overheads and profits.

How it all works

Contact us and tell us what you need.
Passion test: we decide if we are up for the challenge.
Hand-picking: we will select and present the team.
We agree on the team, fees and deadlines.
We get to work, keeping you completely informed.
We deliver the work. It can end here, or...
We produce prototypes, applications, spaceships or whatever is that we came up with for you.
We celebrate together! This is crucial.

Go ahead,
ask anything

There is a long list of things we have decided to say no to, including dreary office spaces, uninspiring work and Thank God, it’s Friday mentality. On the other hand, there is an even longer list of things we absolute love and interesting people dropping us an e-mail tops it.